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'This eBook packs a punch and blasts-out entertainment on every page!'

USC Brawlerz eBook: Bring On The Brawlzone

3 … 2 … 1 … It’s Brawlin’ Time! Welcome to Brawlfest City, home of the greatest superpower sport ever; the Ultimate Superpower Championship! 
Prepare for an adrenaline fuelled adventure with superpower action and side-splitting comedy. Follow Mickey, Lulu and Chubz on their epic quest to become USC Brawlerz. 
Hear the crowd roar as they cheer on their favourite Cyborg, Zombie, Robot and Monster Brawlerz as they battle it out in a superpower showdown against the toughest in the Brawlzone.

With superpowers and weapons locked and loaded, the USC is the only place where real superheroes compete to be the best. 
This is not your average superhero story … this is the USC!


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