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USC Brawlerz: Bring On The Brawlzone

Kit Michaels

Copyright 2017 Kit Michaels


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Ultimate Superpower Championship

Here’s what’s in the 3 part series!

  1. Bring On The Brawlzone

  2. Team Megaforce: Level Up!

  3. Tretton vs Brawlfest City






Mr Brad Z Baker, a great designer and a great friend who we sadly lost on the 21/11/2016.

He Believed In Brawlin’.

Thanks, Brad!





  1. Perseus vs Abyss: The Championship Brawl

  2. USC Team Selection Day

  3. USC Performance Centre

  4. Superpower Fusion Dome

  5. Who Farted? The Epic Stink Bomb!

  6. Unleash The Gooz Gun

  7. Go Nuts For Doughnuts

  8. Trouble, Tantrums And A … T-Rex!

  9. Captain Crusher Toilet Flusher

  10.  Captain Crusher’s Critter Challenge

  11.  Turkey on a Stick/Brawlfest Bulletin

  12.  The Elders

  13.  Make Some Noise For Team Megaforce!

  14.  Crank-Up The Prank

  15.  Believe In Brawlin’: One More Round

  16.  Ultimate Megaforce Boom



Chapter 1

Perseus vs Abyss:
The Championship Brawl


 “Welcome back to the main event! If you’re just tuning in now … WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! This Ultimate Superpower Championship Brawl is electrifying!” Jerry screamed while clutching his microphone. “It’s all neck and neck right now John! How much superpower do these two have left in them?”

“Who knows Jerry? Perseus and Abyss have been throwing supercharged moves at each other from the start. As a result, the Lava Stage has become critically unstable. I’m amazed that we have a Brawlzone left!” John shouted back with excitement.

“I knew as soon as the Lava Stage was selected for this Championship Brawl, it was going to be wild!” Jerry replied. “And I was right! Just one slip from either of these two Brawlerz could end their career. It’s so tense right now.”

The crowd were all stood out of their seats, a hundred thousand Brawler fans roared with passion as the Championship Brawl raged on. The stands shook as fans jumped up and down with delight as defending Champion; Perseus, took on his arch rival Abyss, in an unforgettable Brawl of the ages.
The action was fast paced, with each Brawler giving it everything they had. They both wanted to be Champion so badly. Commentators, John and Jerry, filled the Brawlzone with their voices calling the action as it happened. Cameras were littered in every corner underneath huge glowing stadium spotlights, broadcasting the action all over Brawlfest City.

Among the mayhem was Mickey, wide-eyed, smiling and stood on his seat, screaming with excitement. Mickey wanted nothing more than to become a Brawler, he wanted to be the best Brawler that ever lived. That was his dream, and he wanted to be just like his favourite Brawler, Perseus.

The lava continued to gush from the sides of the Brawlzone and flowed like a sea of fire, spitting heat from its molten surface. Small, rocky platforms were scattered throughout that swayed in the lava flow. Perseus and Abyss were stood at opposite ends of the Brawlzone in the ultimate stand-off.

Sweat poured down Perseus’s face as he tried to plan his next move. Abyss suddenly sprung forward, weaving effortlessly between the lashings of fire and unleashing his Spirit Claw Attack. The long, black claws stretched out to grab Perseus. They swiped and snapped at his golden boots, narrowly missing him. Perseus used his Halo Force to get out of the way quickly, giving him a clear speed advantage.
The Brawlzone glistened from every move Perseus made as he jumped between the rocky platforms. Halo Force allowed Perseus to tap into his Godly powers and move so fast that it left an afterimage of him behind.
Perseus had to be on his toes though; Abyss could end a Brawl with one move at any given moment. It was his raw power and mystic style that made him popular with Brawler fans. Perseus frustrated Abyss; he was too fast for the Spirit Claws.

He weaved past them and went on the counter-attack, catching Abyss with Lightning Bolt attacks. Perseus circled Abyss as the bolts struck him from all directions.

“ENOUGH!” Abyss growled.

His voice was deep and dark. Abyss started to chant as he held his arms out wide. The Brawlzone shook wildly as Abyss powered-up.

Black mist burst through the lava and created a vortex around him, unleashing his Super Form. Abyss moved his hands around in small circles; his fingers outstretched to control and fuse the swirling black mist and lava together. He morphed them to create Doomsday Power Comets.

“Whoa! Abyss is in his Super Form!” Jerry shouted excitedly. “It’s all gonna kick-off now!”

“That’s not all Jerry. He’s also using the Brawlzone’s lava in his final attack! Instead of having Doomsday Power Orbs, he’s mixed them with the Lava and turned them into Doomsday Power Comets. This will boost the attack to dangerous levels!” John said impressed.

“That’s clever thinking from Abyss. He really knows how to turn up the heat,” Jerry added.

The crowd erupted with cheers as Abyss flung his arms forward and fired the comets at Perseus. They swirled crazily as they picked up speed and grew in size. *BOOM* Each Comet connected and exploded with a thunderous bang, launching Perseus from one direction to another. The Power Comets’ explosions generated plumes of smoke. The attack caused the Brawlzone lights to blackout temporarily.

Mickey took his purple beanie hat off and gripped it tightly; he looked on to see if Perseus was okay.

“Did Abyss do it? Is he the new Champion of the Brawlzone?” John asked.

“If the smoke wasn’t everywhere I’d be able to tell you …” Jerry replied, gripping the commentary desk.

Abyss stalked the smoke cloud and waited for any movement from Perseus. The crowd looked on in silence, was Abyss their new champion? Had he finally defeated his arch rival?

Suddenly, a powerful, bright white light illuminated, engulfing the Brawlzone with its aura. Abyss retreated back to the other end of the Brawlzone; the Godly light was too intense for him to be near. The source of the light shone from Perseus who was standing there confidently.

“Impossible!” Abyss roared with frustration, he hadn’t defeated Perseus with his attack.

Perseus then placed one hand on the floor and smirked at Abyss, his left leg kicked out to the side as his right leg bent loosely.

“He’s in his power stance. He’s going to use his Ultra Form; Perseus is going to use his Ultra Form!” Mickey cheered at the top of his lungs, waving his hat above his head in support.

One large golden wing appeared through the light, then another to the delight of the crowd. They spread out as Perseus flapped his wings, clearing the smoke. Mickey was right; Perseus is now in his Ultra Form. Mickey threw both arms in the air with excitement as Perseus floated upwards with his golden wings outstretched.

“Take him down Perseus!” Mickey screamed. 

Perseus’s wings started to shine intensely as he powered-up his Ultra Form attack. Abyss fired as many Doomsday Power Comets as he could at Perseus to prevent it, *BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!* but they deflected off him and flew up into the night sky, exploding wastefully.

“It’s time to max-up this Brawl!” Perseus roared. “Who’s with me?”

Perseus put both of his fists together. Mickey and the rest of the crowd copied the actions with anticipation. They waited for him to shout his famous phrase.

“FIST OF THE GODS!” Perseus commanded, along with the Brawlzone fans.

Lightning struck Perseus, supercharging his golden bangles as he took aim. He darted down towards Abyss like a burning meteor. Abyss tried to defend himself with a Spirit Force Field, but it was no use. Perseus connected with an almighty powerful lightning-fist. Abyss crashed into the platform with a deafening boom. A Refbot dashed to the side of Abyss and screeched to a sudden halt next to him. It scanned Abyss up and down, then side to side for damage. The Refbot then signalled the countdown. All 100,000 fans counted along, too.


“USC-ya!” screamed the crowd to Abyss.

“PERSEUS WINS! PERSEUS WINS!” Jerry screeched. “John pinch me because I can’t believe it! What a comeback.”

It was all over; Perseus had defeated Abyss. The crowd’s celebration was almost deafening. The sky ignited in a sea of red, white and yellow as fireworks shot up all around the edge of the Brawlzone. The crowd chanted at the top of their voices for their champion.


The Refbot awarded the Championship Belt to Perseus and held his hand in the air. Perseus was still Champion. He held his Championship Belt above his head with pride as the crowd celebrated with him.

The Brawlzone’s Lava Stage started to reset back to normal. The molten lava drained away, the small rocky platforms lowered and reconnected in the Brawlzone floor. Abyss floated over to Perseus and hovered in front of him; the two stared intensely at each other.

Perseus lowered his Championship Belt before nodding respectfully at Abyss. There was a moment's silence as the crowd waited to see what Abyss was going to do … he nodded back and then floated away towards the shadows.

Perseus put the Championship Belt around his waist and flew up into the fireworks and waved at his fans as he revelled in his victory. He then swooped back down to high-five them. Mickey held his hand out and high-fived his hero as the Brawlfest music played at full volume to close the show.

“Wow, what an amazing Brawl eh, Jerry? I’m tired from just watching it,” said John. “What a rush!”

“You’ve got that right, John! Perseus really came through and once again showed everyone why he’s still the Brawler to beat! He believed in Brawlin’ and came away with the victory,” Jerry replied. “We wanted Superpower action – we got it!”

“And on that note Brawler fans, it’s time for us to go. Thank you for joining us for this Championship Brawl … I’m John Micro.”

“And I’m Jerry Phone, and we’ll see you at the next Brawlfest!”

Mickey jumped around like a wild animal, what a mind-blowing Brawl. He was fired up with energy and more determined than ever to become a USC Brawler ... and tomorrow, he would finally get his chance to become one.